Organizational Structure

The intent of Video One Media Services is to link to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in a number of capacities:

  1. Coordinate with the Department of Communication to provide credit for interested students who wish to enroll in 1-3 units for the Internship for Electronic Media course

  2. Provide various campus departments and organizations a resource to enhance their identity with the university through mass media opportunities

  3. Increase our client base and revenue by expanding beyond campus to professional clients and providing media services at an affordable cost

  4. Develop working relationships with additional campus services in order to provide the best possible final product to the client


Oversight of the operation would be conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Director of Cable Television Operations. Duties primarily include management and communication with an appointed full-time supervisor, assisting of the hiring process, client negotiations, and general oversight of the business progression.

A full-time, year-round supervisor would be hired to manage daily operations, and the position could be created in the form of a project manager that oversees a number of campus services linked to the same office complex.

The remaining staff would consist of 2-3 students per semester, working as paid interns and earning credit for their labor. Turnover for the students would occur at the completion of every fall, spring and summer semester.